I know

The best album of 2013, still number one not just in the United State but all around the world, Tom Odell did a great work.

The song “I know” has a deep meaning, even if his lover asked him to stop chasing her, the spark of his love couldn’t vanish.

Cold house, white light, the lyrics mean the absence of the lover when we really need him. To illustrate, in the real life, love is hard to find but once we are face to face to love, or should I say the pretty monster or the device, which our lover could kill us easily, we deny that it has two sides.

The first side when it’s all about sex vanilla and sweet love, you could never doubt the love of your partner, but once problems start everything change or sometimes just because your partner had found someone new, it’s hard isn’t? , and this was the second side of love, it kills you inside of your soul with no mercy.

Love can be also the reason of the new style of life, dominated and the submissive, 50 shades of Grey, the book of the year, has described this new style.

Once Mr. Grey had found Anna he wanted to be her submissive, there is a huge number of people who choose this style of life are also the one who defends masochism, they find their pleasure when they feel the ache caused by their lover, in reality when we are unwanted, We don’t accept it easily; we even could invent some moronic arguments to keep the contact with our ex.

To sum up, life isn’t always about love especially when we have our finals or real problems, but love is like strawberries in a sweet cake made of chocolate to make our life even well again.

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