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Playlist : When you feel like the king of the world.

You know that moment, when everything seems perfect ? When you feel like your favourite movie’s hero or heroin the time they save the galaxy/defeat the bad guys/ catch up their soulmate at the airport and tell them their life would be miserable without them and then make out in front of a bunch of people -yeah, we watch chick flicks too here-, and all you need is a good background music ?

Well, today, I propose to you a whole playlist of good music that’ll make you  feel like “the king of the world” –dixit Jack from Titanic, but we all know how it ended up, hein ?-

You can listen to these songs wherever you want, and whenever you need to brighten your day or make the moment even more perfect than it already is. For me, this moment is the one right before the sunset, when birds are going back home and the sky is glowing and it looks like Mother Nature is, just for a few seconds, catching her breath to welcome a new night, full of possibilities, with its stars and moon and whispery voices. For some of you, the perfect moment might be the one when you’re just doing what you enjoy the most, writing, reading, laughing, working out, taking a walk, thinking, working –yeah, some people love their work ! Dreadful, I know- or even murdering people –Nah I’m just kidding, but hey, whatever makes you giggle, we don’t judge here-

After all this mumbling, I assume you’re tired of reading my psychotic thoughts, so just hit up the “play” button and enjoy some good music. Don’t overanalyze the lyrics, just feel the rhythms and let them sink in you.  And why not, tell us in the comments what is your feel good song –please, don’t say it’s Pharrell’s Happy, don’t be a walking cliché-.
Feel good by Houda Laabadi on Grooveshark