5 reasons to listen to indie Korean Hip Hop

My last article was a list. This one too is a list. I think I’m starting to develop an MO (yes, like a serial killer. I’m a serial writer. God, my puns can be awful.)

All those who know me will tell you:  I have always been obsessed with Asian culture. Probably because I’ve been watching anime since I was a child (or just because I’m into really weird shit. I mean, have you ever seen a Japanese commercial? I think they’re being made by LSD users, that’s the only logical explanation), but Japanese and Korean culture were a huge influence in my life (yeah, that’s why I’m such a hard worker. HA HA HA!). One of my favourite music styles is Korean Hip Hop. Yes, I already hear your offended snorts. Like one of my friends told me (in a rather racist manner, but let’s forget about that, shall we?): “How can an Asian rap?”  Well, let me tell you something (and please don’t lynch me, I still want to live): Rap, Hip Hop and RN’B aren’t just for Afro-Americans, and I have here examples of Korean artists who will blow you effin’ mind away!

1. MFBTY with Bang Diggy Bang Bang

This project is a collaboration between legendary Korean rapper Tiger JK, his wife, the Korean-American singer and rapper Tasha (also known as Yoonmirae) and the young Korean talent Bizzy. Their music is funky, fun and most of all, unique. I invite you to check out my personal favourite song, Bang Diggy Bang Bang (I know, the name sounds weird, but it’s worth it!!)

2. Beenzino with Dali Van Picasso

Beenzino is the first independent Korean rapper I’ve listened to. I have immediately fallen in love with his music. Even though he’s still considered a rookie in the Korean Hip Hop scene, he gained recognition quickly and collaborated with some of the biggest names of Korean Rap.

3. Verbal Jint with Doin’ it

Verbal Jint debuted in 2001 and became famous for his groundbreaking innovations in the Korean Hip Hop scene. He was the first artist to introduce rhyme schemes in Korean rap. What is more astonishing is that he was also able to achieve mainstream success and become as well known as Kpop idols.

4. Primary with Meet

Not only a musician, but also one of the most influential music producers in Korea, Primary, known for his cardboard box mask with a bird beak and his batshit crazy talent, has collaborated with many Korean talents. Check out his song Meet, featuring Zion T., one of my personal favorite Korean RN’B singers.

5. The Quiett with Livin’ In The Dream

Producer ,rapper and co-CEO of the independent Illionaire Records, The Quiett has become famous thank to his unique rapping flow and his collaboration with Korea’s biggest names such as Jay Park and Tiger JK.

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