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VinyleStory Chapter 1: Highway to Hell by AC/DC


The first Chapter of our weekly article that walks you through the story behind and about your favorite songs over the music industry. Why was that song written and how it was understood by the audience ? This week’s song is « Highway To Hell«  by AC/DC.

The title is often attributed as a phrase AC/DC guitarist Angus Young used to describe touring in America. There is a much more literal explanation, however. « Highway to Hell » was the nickname for the Canning Highway in Australia. It runs from where lead singer Bon Scott lived in Fremantle and ends at a pub/bar called The Raffles, which was a big rock ‘n roll drinking hole in the ’70s. As Canning Highway gets close to the pub, it dips down into a steep decline: « No stop signs… speed limits… nobody’s gonna slow me down. »
Later on Brian Johnson explained to the media that : « It was written about being on the bus on the road where it takes forever to get from Melbourne or Sydney to Perth across the Nullarbor Plain. When the Sun’s setting in the west and you’re driving across it, it is like a fire ball. There is nothing to do, except have a quick one off the wrist or a game of cards, so that’s where Bon came up with the lyrics. »

On the US side when this song was released, there really was a « Highway to Hell » in America: Route 666. This section of highway ran through Arizona and Utah; it was later renumbered after various ghost stories emerged about unexplained happenings on the road.

Professionally speaking the whole album was recorded in London, Highway To Hell was the first AC/DC album recorded outside of Australia. The album cover had Angus Young on the cover wearing his schoolboy uniform and devil horns. Some religious groups found this quite offensive. This was the first AC/DC song to chart in the US. It helped drive huge sales for the Highway To Hell album, which has sold over seven million copies in America. It was AC/DC‘s sixth album, and their last with vocalist Bon Scott, who died in 1980 from excessive drinking. Their next album, Back In Black, was dedicated to him.

The most weird story that I’ve found about the song is that a serial killer named Richard Ramirez claimed this album compelled him to murder. He believed AC/DC stood for « Anti Christ/Devil’s Child. » taking the song itself to its extreme limits of misunderstanding.
In the film « School of Rock » Jack Black teaches the riff to the guitarist in the band. The song was also featured in the Movie « Little Nicky », starring Adam Sandler.

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Currents, the new Tame Impala album


A new album released two days ago from the psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music band Tame Impala came up to revive the psychedelic music scene with a hallucinating album cover.
Composed by magic and passion  in Kevin Parker‘s home studio and he tried for the first time to mix the music by himself.

He gave born to « Let It Happen »,He said and i quote « it’s about finding yourself always in this world of chaos and all this stuff going on around you and always shutting it out because you don’t want to be part of it. But at some point, you realize it takes more energy to shut it out than it does to let it happen and be a part of it. »
As for « Eventually », it concerns « knowing that you’re about to damage someone almost irreparably, and the only consolation you get is this distant hope that they’ll be alright eventually, because you know they aren’t going to be now or soon. »

Track List:

No. Title Length
1. « Let It Happen » 7:46
2. « Nangs » 1:47
3. « The Moment » 4:15
4. « Yes I’m Changing » 4:30
5. « Eventually » 5:19
6. « Gossip » 0:55
7. « The Less I Know the Better » 3:38
8. « Past Life » 3:47
9. « Disciples » 1:48
10. « ‘Cause I’m a Man » 4:01
11. « Reality in Motion » 4:12
12. « Love/Paranoia » 3:06
13. « New Person, Same Old Mistakes » 6:02


Here’s the first song of the album « Let it Happen ».


Playlist : Quite Study


A hot coffee mug and some cigarettes thrown around  a lot of funky papers and notes. How messy as can your study be, We came tonight with the quietest way to enhance your concentration and stimulate the hard-work you are going through.
This playlist is everyone’s look up for homework and project handling. Gathering the calm shine of some indie instrumentals, the wise words of the lyrics of calm rock riffs and some beats played around and around.

Put on your headphones because  the trip is going to get real. And embrace the taste of background study music.

with Love.

   Quite Study by Ismail Akrim on Grooveshark

« Left Hand Free » deuxième extrait du prochain album d’ALT J

Le retour d‘Alt-J se précise petit à petit ! Le 22 septembre prochain, le groupe de rock alternatif cherche à refaire le succès phénoménal de leur album ‘Awesome wave’ et cherche à tout investir pour la réussite de son deuxième projet ‘This Is All Yours’.

Notant que le travail sur ce nouvel album se fait à formation réduite après le départ du bassiste Gwil Sainsbury. Invoquant certains aspects de la vie de groupe  qui lui déplaisait.

Pour les fans c’est une attente impatiente pour savoir si le groupe va retrouver la même étincelle du premier album. En attendant plus d’informations sur le sujet  on vous fait découvrir le deuxième extrait. Restez branchés.    

Hangout Weekend Playlist

On vous prépare un boost d’énergie pour votre premier weekend ramadanesque de cette année.  De quoi mettre vos sneakers et de bouger un peu ou bien créer de l’ambiance pour vos projets à bosser chez soi.

Au menu, des plats qui diffèrent entre du pop, de l’Indie, du french soul et du deep house.  Une dope eargasmique à vous couper le souffle. Bonne écoute.

Hangout Weekend by Ismaèl Akrim on Grooveshark