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Pink Floyd, An End That We Cannot Cope With

This is the news that we knew will eventually happen but deep down inside, could not accept. Pink Floyd’s frontman and guitarist announced in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine that the band is officially “done”. He added “I’ve had 48 years in Pink Floyd – quite a few of those years at the beginning, with Roger [Waters]. And those years in what is now considered to be our heyday were 95% musically fulfilling and joyous and full of fun and laughter. I certainly don’t want to let the other 5% colour my view of what was a long and fantastic time together. But it has run its course, we are done – and it would be fakery to go back and do it again.

Ever since Roger Waters departed in 1985, Pink Floyd started falling apart.  Nonetheless, David Gilmour continued the legacy of the band without the former bassist and released ground-breaking albums along with the remaining members, Nick Mason and Richard Wright.

Last year, Gilmour and Mason released the final Pink Floyd album, a follow-up to « The Division bell » released in 1994. The album included unreleased music and lyrics composed by Rick Wright prior to his death and during The Division Bell‘s recording sessions. Last year’s « The Endless River » served as a farewell and a finish line for a band that completely shaped and altered the Rock scene.

As a commemoration, I decided to share one song from each Pink Floyd album that defined the whole band and put a stamp on the rock scene.

The Piper At the Gates of Dawn (1967)

Astronomy Domine, Pink Floyd’s first song on their debut album, proved the late Syd Barrett’s genius and gave a new essence to Psychedelic Rock.

A Saucerful Of Secrets (1968) 

The first three albums achieved international claim with their psychedelic and progressive rock style. See-Saw from « A Saucerful Of Secrets » is definitely on the list.

Ummagumma (1969)

This is the first album to exclude Syd Barrett. It also included a couple of songs from the previous two records. However, one that defined the album as a whole would be « Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict ». Long title, worth a listen.

Atom Heart Mother (1970)

« Atom Heart Mother: Father’s Shout/Breast Milky/Mother Fore/Funky Dung/Mind Yo… » is an outstanding track that shows how the four remaining members composed an orchestra-like rock song.  a 23-minute suite that you should listen to in one go.

Meddle (1971)

This is album that is quite similar to the band’s debut album in terms of song structure. The highlight of this record is « Echoes », another 23-minute suite packed with beautiful lyrics.

Obscured by Clouds (1972) 

The title track « Obscured by Clouds » is definitely one of the highlights of the album, one that yet again goes back to the band’s late 60’s roots.

The Dark Side of The Moon (1973)

Considered the peak of Pink Floyd, this album contains songs that completely changed the public’s perceptions on Rock as a genre. Although every single track should be on this list, i cannot help but choose « Time » as the best song on the album. It’s even better live!

Animals (1977) 

My personal favorite album. One that looks back at George Orwell’s Animal Farm and reflects upon the society’s classes. The track « Dogs »  is certainly the best on the record.

The Wall (1979)

Even Though The Dark Side of The Moon was a revolutionary album. Pink Floyd’s The Wall is considered their masterpiece and their best album ever. The record shows Roger Waters’ Genius and his ability of writing lyrics that revolt against society’s biggest issues. The song « Comfortably Numb »   is on this list. Beautiful guitar solo by David Gilmour.

The Final Cut (1983) 

This is Roger Waters last album with the band, and as much as it is a solo album, I still considered it a Pink Floyd album. The standout track on this record is « Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert ». Although short, it’s a wonderful acoustic song that yet again speaks about world problems.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) 

This album marked the decline of Pink Floyd, with the departure of significant members, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. Nevertheless, David Gilmour and the remaining members did put out a significant album that still has that Pink Floyd signature sound. « Learning to Fly » is one of the best tracks on this record.

The Division Bell (1994) 

A strong record that shows the band’s new sound and one that moves away from their psychedelic roots. This is also the last album to include the keyboardist Richard Wright. As a way to commemorate his passing, I choose « Wearing the Inside Out » as the best track on this record.

The Endless River (2014)

20 years after The Division Bell, David Gilmour and Nick mason decided to release a final album. Although it mostly consists of instrumentals, the record is an outstanding set of tracks reminiscent of songs from The Division Bell era. The best track is the only song with lyrics, « Louder than Words ». 

Thrillogy – Evilution ALBUM REVIEW

Thrillogy – Evilution

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Solid Debut: 95%

Released: 2015

Genre: Thrash Metal

Number of Tracks: 8

Thrillogy stands as a thrash metal band that shaped the Moroccan metal scene. With their debut album “Evilution”, which was released on January 2015, all four members have delivered a full-length album loaded with the heaviest riffs and vocals that would instantly remind you of the early 80’s Thrash Metal bands.

The album kicks off with their longest track; A Goblet From Nile’s Legacy, which puts you in a position where you want more. The 9 minute extravaganza genuinely shows the potential of this band and what they are really capable of. Although the main riff does remind me of Slayer’s Angel of Death, Wassim’s extraordinary lyrics and killer vocals instantly prove that the album is 53 minutes full of heaviness and the kind of originality that we were long hoping for, especially from a Moroccan band. 8.5/10

The album continues with the second track; Red Landscape. The lyrics and vocals on this one left me in awe, and the latter emit this sort of angry and visceral vibe characteristic of a pure Thrash Metal album. Tarik’s drumming skills are also really evident in this track with his tasty double bass segment in the chorus as well as the polyrhythmic sections throughout the rest of the track. This is without a doubt one of those songs that you just cannot help but rate it a 10/10.

Beyond the Lies is definitely one of their heaviest. The track kicks off with yet again killer vocals, however this time, they are darker and properly reflect the purpose and concept behind the album. This one also includes my favorite solo on the album, which is followed by a beautiful harmony done by both Wassim and Achraf. 9/10

Halfway through this album and I am already hooked. The fourth track; Utopia is yet another great song which combines the pure essence of thrash metal with a melodic twist. 9/10

The structure and design of Iron Fist, Cold war and The Sound Of Revenge remind me again of the early breakthrough of the heavy/Thrash Metal scene with bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth. The reason why I gathered all three together is because they share the same technicality and structure that are backed with fast drum sections and layered with heavy bass lines. The thrashy riffs and solos make up for a solid 10/10 that all three song deserve.

The final track showcases the method in which the band structures an outro song. Filled with dark vocals, “Open the Gates of Hell” is a song that speaks for itself through its lyrics and properly wraps up the album. Insane guitar solo. 9.5/10

Sound & Production: I don’t really want to give benefit of the doubt, but one thing that this album is lacking is a good production in terms of guitar sections. The drums, vocals and bass are really well recorded and mastered. However there’s something about the guitar production, specifically the solo sections that completely blows it. Excellent skills, mediocre production. 7.5/10

Lyrics: Well written lyrics that perfectly embody and reflect the concept of the album. They properly fit with the fast-paced rhythm guitar and drums. 10/10

Overall Impressions/verdict: If i had to summarize this album in one word, it would be revolutionary. We never had the chance to listen to original musical content like this in a society that does not really support this genre in any way. This album has already made its way into my iTunes library and I am really glad that a bunch of guys gathered together and decided to provide us metalheads with 53 minutes packed with heavy sounding riffs, absolutely fantastic drums and bleak/aggressive vocals. Final verdict: 95%

Standout Tracks: Red landscape, A Goblet from Nile’s Legacy, Utopia.