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Interview avec The Grey Stars, le Groupe qui a enflammé Visa for Music

Vous avez peut être été là, The Grey Stars avait enflammé le Palais Tazi à Rabat.

Les artistes ont allié funk, rock, dub, reggae et gnawa pour offrir au public une ambiance originale, à la fois dynamique et reposante.

Des touches flambantes de cordes électriques qui font la distinction de ce groupe. Si vous avez raté ça, pas de panique, Vinylemag est là.

Qui sont The Grey stars?

Le groupe compte Hicham Bilali qui est le maître Gnaoui et le chanteur pricipale, Housni Ridouane le percussionniste et le fondateur du groupe , son cousin Housni Abdel qui est le bassiste ainsi que Housni Mourad le claviériste, Marc Vaneyck le batteur, David Moulay le guitariste et Aziz et Marouane les « Koyo » du groupe.

Pourquoi « The Grey Stars » ? D’où vient ce nom?

 Tiré de l’histoire française, « les étoiles grises » est un nom dédié à tous les maghrébins victimes de racisme en France. A l’époque, les groupes racistes disaient qu’ils aller casser du « gris » et le gris, c’était les maghrébins.

Quels sont vos projets?

C’est de sortir notre 1er Album fin 2020. Aussi, une tournée en Mars au Maroc ainsi que plusieurs collaboration avec des artistes international en chemin.

En parlant de collaboration, avec qui rêvez vous de collaborer?

En un seul mot : Jamiroquai.

Et si on jetait un coup d’oeil sur votre playlist?

  • Orchestre national de barbes – Sidi yahia bnet
  • Visa – Gnawa diffusion
  • Gnawa – Aicha
  • James Brown – Sex machine
  • Nirvana – Teen spirit
  • Jacques Brel -Ces gens Là 
  • Oum Kalthoum – Omri
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller
  • Khaled – Nssi Nssi
  • Mami – Douha alia

Ainsi, je souhaite personnellement remercier les membres du groupes à savoir Ridouane et Marc pour leur sympathie, leur patience et surtout pour le show d’enfer à Visa for Music. Ce fut un plaisir d’y assister.

Quarter to Africa : When the east meet west

Get ready to  discover one of my favorite bands so far; Quarter to africa! (And no they’re not africans). They’re from Israel, they have the Groove and no one will stand still when they’re doing their thing! Check by yourself!

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus et personnes qui jouent des instruments de musique

Quarter To Africa (Q2A) is an uplifting Ethno-funk ensemble, combining electric Oud grooves, saxophone, trumpet, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, synthesizer and vocals. Its music creates an uplifting collage, fusing traditional Arabic “Makam » scales with African rhythms, jazz and funk. The result is a unique mixture of East meet West.

In the past few years, Quarter to Africa has performed across the world spreading their message while headlining several festivals and major events, including the RedSea Jazz festival, Jarasum fest (Korea), Magic live fest (Japan) Israel film festival, the international Jazz festival, Jerusalem Festival and more.

Collaborating with many top artists as Ester rada, Reef cohen, Yossi fine, and the great Avishai cohen.

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, joue d’un instrument de musique

 Can you start by giving a brief presentation of every member group and how did you know each other? When did you start your group and how did you think about it?

The Q2A concept was conceived by Yakir Sasson & Elyasaf Bashari, both of whom are experienced, seasoned respected musicians who met in Jaffa to discover a shared musical language and similar outlook on life. The music has absorbed the cultural aspects of each musician’s background. Both have been brought up in homes influenced by the traditions and heritages of Yemen, Persia and Iraq. Their personal style that was further refined later at the Jerusalem Music Academy and The Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music. This has consequently formed the solid base for a fresh aesthetic of which name they’ve coined AFRO-ARAB, or simply- “Afrab”.

Other members of the group joined later on ,and all are good friends and are members of the family.  we met them in various productions we wortk with.

Who inspired and inspires you the most?

Oum koltum and Bob Marley because their music has no age and is endless.

Any artist you loved to work with or would love to?

Ziggy Marley, Kandric Lamar and Jean Paul simply because they got the groove.

What are your plans ? 

  • We just came back from a very sucsessful tour in asia (South Korea and Japan).
  • And we are about to release new single in Japan soon.
  • New singles are coming worldwide for the next album that will come out later on 2018.
  • Also In 2018 we are planning to tour in Europe and other parts of the world.

L’image contient peut-être : 2 personnes

How would you define your music?

Quarter To Africa (Q2A) is a multi-cultural roots ensemble, combining electric Oud grooves, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer and vocals. Our music creates an uplifting collage, fusing traditional Arabic “Makam » scales with African rhythms, jazz and funk. Some call it ethno – funk, some call it afrofunk, we call it afro – arab, or as love to call our genre – AFRAB

Why did you name your group « Quarter to Africa »?

Quarter refer to the quarter tons in makam scales, and Africa is where the groove started.. You can say in some way that we are in Africa. But not quite.. so its quarter to africa!

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, sur scène

 Can you give us a list of your 10 favorites songs?

  1. James Brown – Super bad
  2. Bob Marley –Redemption song
  3. Oum koltum – Inta omri
  4. Anderson Paak- Come down
  5. Stevey wonder – Too high
  6. Charley Parker – Donna Lee
  7.  John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
  8.  Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT.
  9. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
  10. Ester rada – Guilt

Can you tell us something special about the group you never said in an interview before?

We recorded a song with the great Avishai Cohen (bass) and he joined us on stage on several occasions.. Nowdays, main members of Q2A are the rhythm section musicians of his band. They also arranged and recorded his new album 1970  with him, and currently performing with him across the word as his rhyme section band .


( Spécial thanks to the whole band and specially Amir, the manager, for being very kind and keeping me updated about everything the band does. That made me very happy. You made me want to move to Israel guys. )

Chloe Jasmine: A Special model and singer

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello is an English singer and model. She is best known for participating in the modeling show The Facein 2013 and The X Factor in 2014, where she finished in the 13th place. I recently caught up with Chloe for an interview where she opened up about her X Factor experience, and I had so much fun doing it so Here’s what Chloe got to say :
Well first of all, tell me more about you.

-Me? I am merely a human.. a product of my thoughts and experiences

-Oh yes, of course you are haha. What got you into music?

-I have always been such an introverted creature, and music and I fell in love. It was my way of expressing my emotions and communicating a story. It quite literally gave me a voice. Modelling also allocated this wonderful form of suppressed feeling.

-Why did you choose Jazz music?

-I absolutely adore jazz… the pain and anguish it represents. It emerged in the form of independent traditional and popular musicalstyles, all linked by the common bonds of African American and European American musical parentage with a performance orientation. It gives me shivers 🙂

-Yes, absolutely it does. And How was your experiences on The Face and The X-Factor?

-. Like every experience, we can extract both beneficial and difficult points utilising them to develop our character further and grow. They were very much personal challenges 🙂

Obviously you got a lot of support from people during your time on X Factor, but what was the support like when you finished your time on there?

I felt overwhelmed and very vulnerable. Like a ghost!

-Oh waouh, If you could duet with anyone, who will it be?

-Jesus, I would love to hear him.

-Oh what an answer hahah and that’s why I love you. So what are your plans for the near future?

-haha I love you TOO. I continue to model , work in television , write and gig. And breathe oxygen. I consider myself terribly lucky and grateful.

-Well yes you are. Finally, do you got anything to say to your fans?

-Stay strong and wonderful. No one knows why we are here but stay grounded and keep your family close. Do what is honest and true and keep your wits about you.

Furthermore, follow Chloe on:

Découverte de Don’t Surrender : Un groupe d’exception.

En assistant à un concert à Rabat, j’ai eu la chance de découvrir un groupe dont l’authenticité et le talent ne manquent pas. J’ai donc souhaité partager ma découverte avec vous.

Ce groupe s’appelle « Don’t Surrender » (N’abandonne pas) , crée en Octobre 2014 et  composé de deux membres : Syl Blue eyes (Sylvien) ,guitariste, et The Rhizome (Luc)  comme batteur.

Voici quelques vidéos pour vous présenter les œuvres de ces deux artistes ;

One two one two (Le clip)

Un Teaser de leur Tour en Europe :

Comment avez-vous commencé ce que vous faites ?

On s’est motivé à faire de la musique pour bouger de France dans le but d’aller à la rencontre des diverses scènes et cultures Rock tout en faisant évoluer notre show sur la route.

Depuis quand jouez-vous d’instruments de musiques ?

Sylvian : depuis 15 ans en autodidacte et sérieusement depuis 2 ans avec la création du groupe.

Luc : depuis 2 ans à fond en prenant des cours avec Job le batteur de Tagada Jones

Quels artistes vous ont le plus inspirés pour faire ce que vous faites ?

Sylvian: La Ultra Violeta Experience (L.U.V.E), Ethnopaire, Electric Electric, Marvin, Bérurier Noir, The Cure…

Luc : Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Mass Murderers…

Comment pourriez-vous décrire votre musique ?

Nous parlons d’un Show Performance , un duo Guitare/ Batterie. Un Instrumental Mélodik Distortion. Une mise en scène incluant des effets visuels, artifices pyrotechniques et costumes.

Pourquoi « Don’t Surrender » et pas un autre nom ?

L’histoire du nom vient d’une artiste allemande, Kathrin Von Ow, qui avait réalisé une fresque sur un grand panneau à l’extérieur de la Station Vastemonde (lieu alternatif d’art contemporain à Saint Brieuc) lors de sa venue en 2013 avec le collectif ‘‘Lindenow’’ à Leipzig.

Spontanément, dans le choix du nom du groupe, « Don’t Surrender », n’abandonne pas, ne capitule pas, ne te rend pas, nous est paru évident au sens de notre histoire commune et future. Un impératif d’encouragement collectif. L’objectif réaliste est d’accomplir nos rêves et donc de ne pas se décourager quoi qu’il arrive.

Avez-vous des projets?

Oui, de futurs concerts en France et à l’étranger, notamment un tournée en Angleterre en prévision pour la rentrée. Egalement continuer à faire évoluer le show, composer de nouveaux morceaux et enregistrer un album et bien sûr revenir l’année prochaine au Maroc lors du Festival Hardzazate HC Fest. (Hardzazate Hardcore FestivalNe le ratez pas! )

Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de venir au Maroc?
On avait prévu de venir quoi qu’il en soit. Jouer, faire une résidence ou tout simplement prendre du bon temps lors de cette tournée ibérique (Espagne / Portugal). Nous avions contacté des groupes locaux et Yassir du groupe « BLAST   » nous a mis en contact avec Aimane organisateur de la tournée de soutien du Hardzazate HC Fest et chanteur du groupe ‘‘Anticom’’.
En fait, notre période envisagée pour venir correspondait exactement avec les trois dates de février à Casablanca, Rabat et Tanger. Pour nous ce fut comme tombé du ciel.

Quelles sont vos morceaux préférés ?

Luc : Bee Gees : Lonely days / Live Melbourne 71

– Jean Leloup : Fashion Victim

– Mylène Farmer : Fuck them all / Live Bercy 2006

Sylvien : No One Is Innocent : La Peau

– Miossec : Recouvrance

– Bérurier Noir : Camouflage

– Melmor : Dans Ar Marmuzig

– Mano Négra : Pas assez de toi


Pour en savoir plus du groupe, je vous invite à consulter leur site internet ici ou leur chaine youtube   , et surtout allez les découvrir , vous ne le regretterez pas !



N3rdistan In Meknes: A Concert To Be Remembered

It all started when a friend of mine sent me a picture of the concert’s poster. I was already bummed for not being able to go to L’Boulevard, specially that I really wanted to see the likes of JadaL and Betweenatna. As soon as I saw who’s coming to play, I had a rush of excitement just like a kid in a candy store. Not surprisingly, people came from all over Meknes to be there. The French Institution’s Theater barely held the number of fans who came to see the band. And let me tell you, they had a reason for flooding it. The concert was pure awesome. Even people who didn’t know who they were listening to  finished the concert screaming: N3RDISTAN, N3RDISTAN, N3RDISTAN…

The band started with a Nizar Qabbani inspired track, it was almost like Walead was reciting poetry in the most artistic manner you could possibly imagine, when everyone thought that was it, the beat started and the crowd went wild when a more rap-y version of the poem  emerged from the band’s amplifiers.
The next two tracks were also from what I’d call ‘The Gods of Arabic Poetry’, Ahmed Matar and Gibran Khalil Gibran. When I asked the band about the reason why they chose to take their lyrics from such great poets, they responded by: These poets are the same ones who gave our forefathers the strength to  change their communities. These pieces of poetry are still relevant today, for example, Irhalo by Ahmed Matar or  Hawaamish ‘Ala Daftar An-Naksa by Nizar Qabbani are basically the unofficial anthems of the Arab Spring. It really comes natural to us to take inspiration from them.

Taken by: Mohammed Mehyaoui

Next thing on their playlist for us was The Whistling Voice of A Nightingale by Al-Asma’i. The witty lyrics and the combination of Walead and Houda, AKA T Queen, rapping their way through one of the most twisted pieces of Arabic poetry ever written, accompanied by a sick drummer is way beyond anything I’ve seen in awhile. It kinda reminded me of their weird name, N3rdistan.  When I asked Walead where did the name really come from, he took it very humorously and stated: Well, i was walking one day, at about 6:45 (Sebâa L’lareb was his actual description) and I saw an N and an S, somehow along the way, that turned into N3rdistan, and here we are today, playing in Meknes.

After a couple more tracks, the band hit us with what Walead calls ‘Eletro 9bi7‘.  It was an over-compressed mixture of Drum&Bass and Rock, plus some sampled voice covers called Occupy. When questioned about how they categorize themselves in terms of genre, the band haven’t really much to say: We call it N3edistan Haha. We don’t really follow certain parameters or a certain genre. If we liked a beat or a combination of strings, we’ll go along with it. I, myself, had some past experience with Rap, Metal and Electro, other members like African Music, Reggae, Drum&Bass and so on. We really just try to merge everything together and come up with something that we like.

Taken by: Mohammed Mehyaoui

After that ‘Eletro L9bi7‘, things settled down a bit with a clearly political track that was, and I quote: A message to every political institution out there. The track Mirage Policy (Siyassat Sarab) is a full-on rage attack on every political figure I could think of. Talking to the band, they said jokingly : Well, the only place that isn’t really concerned about this track is N3rdistan itself Hahah. but seriously, it’s a message to every political institution out there, in and outside of Morocco. We do not support any political figure or entity, as by definition, they stand by everything we fight against.

Taken by: Mohammed Mehyaoui

At The end of the concert, the crowd went all crazy and begged for a another track. ‘Encore, encore, encore…’ everyone screamed. the band complied and they sang The Whistling Voice of A Nightingale again. The track didn’t loose its charm one bit.
When Walead was introducing the band members, the multi instrumentalist  took the mic and told us that it’s Walead’s birthday. To his surprise, no one got out of the theater till they sang happy birthday, his reaction was PRICELESS to say the least.

I did catch up with the band after the show, like I’ve mentioned before, and they happily answered everything I had to ask. Besides from the answers above, we had this mini conversation.

OM: How was the concert? did you like the crowd?
N3rdistan: It was one of the most energetic gigs we had in awhile, the crowd was insane and responsive and that’s the way we like it.

OM: Are you planning on coming back anytime soon?
N3rdistan: We hope so, we liked the crowd and the whole thing was just a bless.

OM: let’s talk about you guys for a bit, when did the band, in it’s current form, start?
N3rdistan: In 2014, we just got together and started making music. (Houda’s speaking now) I just saw a lighted room with good music coming out of it and came in Haha.  I got in after the idea was already formed by Walead and here we are.

OM: Speaking of making music, what’s the typical studio day for N3rdistan?
N3rdistan: We just hang out there, brainstorming till something comes up.

OM: Do you guys have any albums or tracks coming out soon?
N3rdistan: Yeah, We have a 4 tracks  EP coming out in October, and an album coming out in 2016.

Taken by: Mohammed Mehyaoui

Undoubtedly, The concert was one of the best I’ve been to and the band is just amazing and down to earth. Hopefully we’ll see them soon at Visa For Music.

AURORA: A Young Emerging Artist.

Aurora‘s talent in writing and singing are as obvious as her young age. This up-and-coming artist has already established her fanbase, which is basically everyone who listens, listened or will listen to her. As soon as one listens to one of her tracks, falling in love with her is just an action waiting to happen. Her dark interpretation of music and her heavily meaningful lyrics will compile  anyone to bookmark her name in their emerging artists chart.
I’ve got a hold of Aurora to ask her a few question about pretty much anything I could think of, and she happily and calmly answered every single one with as much passion as she usually spends is her performances. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you, AURORA.

VM: Hi Aurora and thank you for the interview, We would like to know more about you. Tell us who Aurora Aksnes  really is.
AURORA: Well. My name is Aurora, I live in Norway, a few hours from Bergen. I’ve been writing songs since I was 9, I love to tell stories.

VM: What got you into music? did you want to be a singer your whole life?
AURORA: I didn’t want to be a singer, and even now I considered myself more a musician and a storyteller than a singer. I’ve loved writing songs since I was 9, mostly for myself. I didn’t really want to be on a stage… I just needed to write songs. And then MADE management found me, and here I am.

I considered myself more a musician and a storyteller than a singer.

VM: In other interviews, you’ve pointed out that you’ve been playing piano since a very young age and fell in love with it. who or what pushed you to learn how to play it?
AURORA: my older sister used to play piano – before she stopped. And that was when I started to play. nothing pushed me to learn it. I think that is the reason why I love it so much. My parents never pushed me into doing anything. But they supported me. I think I just loved the sound of it so much that I just kept playing.

VM: What is the typical studio day for Aurora?
AURORA: Well, it depends! Every day is quite different actually! But music is always being created, and it’s wonderful. I really love being in the studio.

VM: Concerning your songs, you go from the romantic but uniquely unusual ‘In Boxes’ to the very artistically lyrics-ed ‘Runaway’. do you think there is any different between the two? how would you describe each one?
AURORA: Well, I think all of my songs have a certain darkness to them. And of course they are different! All my songs are different stories, and they deserve to have their own style. In boxes is a bit more morbid and creepy, and runaway is more longing.

VM: Your latest single ‘Murder Song’ just came out, and I have to say the acoustic version is one of my favorite songss by you. The lyrics are moving and it looks like there is a story behind it. would you care to give us a little insight on how the song came into existence?
AURORA: I wrote it one year ago, I can’t remember how it happened, but I remember it happened very fast. It was meant to be written!

VM: Your Discogs page describes your music as Pop, We like to believe that it’s a more of an acoustic version of Indie Rock. how would you describe it?
AURORA: Dark art pop.

VM: Where did you perform your first live show and how did it go? Do you have any future plans to perform here, in Morocco?
AURORA: The first real show with a band I did in Bergen – February 2014! It was very scary. That’s the thing I remember the most about it. and I don’t know yet – but I think one day I will come to Morocco and play!

VM: What are your plans for the near future? What can we expect from you?
AURORA: I’m finishing my first album, it will be released in the beginning of next year, I’m super excited.

VM: Give us an interesting fun fact or a weird incident that happened to you while you were performing live.
AURORA: Well, it’s hard to remember, weird things often happens on stage!!!! I sometime forget the lyrics, and one time I think I swallowed a tiny fly while singing ‘awakening’. That was quite weird.

VM: Finally, do you have anything to say to your fans or simply for the people who wanna discover your music?
AURORA: Well, I want my fans to know that I love them! I wouldn’t have been able to do what I do without them! They are being so nice to me. And for the people who haven’t discovered me yet – if you like emotional music, you’ve come to the right place. I have lots of stories to tell.

To hear more from Aurora, be sure to check out her Spotify or Soundcloud.

A special thank you to AURORA’s PR team for facilitating this interview, especially Helga Luedy.