First discoveries of 2016 : I Don’t Like Mondays, Caught A Ghost, TAKH Project and others …

December 31st, 2015, midnight:

While people were partying, celebrating the New Year, and probably having their famous midnight kiss, I was studying for my finals. YEY! Okay, who am I kidding ? I wasn’t really studying, I was procrastinating. And since I like to be lazy, but with style, I was doing it using music. For a whole week, I lost myself in the treasure island that is Youtube instead of learning about B to B marketing and how to manage human ressources. And oh boy, did I discover some really good music! So, without further ado, let me introduce you to those marvelous gems!


No one knew who Fadoul was until a few years ago. One of his songs was discovered in an old shop in the Medina of Casablanca by the German Jannis Stürtz, who made it his duty to find out more about this talented Arabic Funk musician. Sadly, he learnt that Fadoul died in 1991, at the age of fifty, but his art remains and you get to discover him today with his Arabic cover of James Brown‘s Papa got a brand new bag, called Sid Redad.

I Don’t Like Mondays:

No, this is not me complaining about the worst day of the week (can we get rid of Mondays though ? Please ?). I Don’t Like Mondays is a Tokyo-based Japanese band whose happy music (and let’s not lie, good looks too) won my heart. Discover them here with their song FIRE.

Caught A Ghost: 

I discovered this American band while watching a video about Natalie Dormer (I have the weirdest obsession with her). Caught A Ghost is an indie electro soul band based in Los Angeles, and whose music reminds me of my favourite band, The Heavy. Check out their song Hold Out.

TAKH Project:

TAKH Project is a collaboration between three talented artists: Ezz Shahwan, Yousra El Gendy and Gamal Fahim. With a touch of groove, humor and Egyptian spirit, the band makes funky music that will make you want to drop everything you’re doing and just dance. Discover them here with their song Call me Ziko.

Luka :

There aren’t a lot of information about Luka, all I know is that she’s an Arab woman, probably in her twenties, who makes beautiful music and writes the most expressive lyrics. Check out her song Hashrab Hashish.

Cigarettes After Sex:

Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop band based in Brooklyn, New York. The gloomy music perfectly matches the band’s name, and the lyrics are a work of art, as always, with indie bands. Discover them here with my favourite song, Affection.

Frero Delavega:

Yes, I know, I’m pretty late on this one. I didn’t know Frero Delavega until a few days ago, and I have to say, I completly fell in love with their music. This is coming from someone who hasn’t listened to French music since, maybe, 2006 (I used to be a huge Lorie and M. Pokora‘s fan, what can I say ? I was young and foolish). Check out this live of their song Sweet Darling, and be careful, you might drop your pants, because they’re on fiiiiire!

My first week of 2016 has been pretty productive (musically speaking of course, because I’m pretty sure I failed my exams), and I hope this year, will, yet again, be full of mind blowing discoveries.


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