Ayman Rezouk

Co-fondateur et directeur de publication du webzine.Elève-ingénieur passionné par la musique de tout genre, des douces notes de piano aux lourds riffs du metal.

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Art lover and a journalist. Also a bookish and a huge music junkie. All the time looking for musical gems. I do drugs and my drugs are in my music folder.

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Houda Laabadi

A Business student and book geek. Words are my passion. Lover of literature, music and art. Addicted to Game of thrones, DIY and so many other weird things. Always high on caffeine and music, discovering new artists is my hobby.

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Zineb Bedda

Étudiante en école de commerce et gestion. Gourmande à souhait de perles littéraires et musicales, cinéphile passionnée, férue de séries, postcrosser et philatéliste…

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Oumaima Azzouzi Idrissi

je dois me présenter d'une façon originale mais je ne sais pas du tout quoi faire! Meh, je vous laisse lire mes aventures vous en tirerez certainement une idée sur mon sale caractère :D (pas vraiment je suis un ange :3 )

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Imad Salimi

The particles that make my body vibrate to the waves of music. Computer engineering student, I want to do so many things in life I end up doing none.

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Ismail Akrim

Indie geek and eargasmic junkey

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Lamiae Arjafallah

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Meryem BEDDA

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Oussama Melouani

A random linguistics student who likes to write about music, or am I?

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Fatima-Zahraa Sharnoubi

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Saad Boujane

Currently studying architecture in Dubai, UAE. I appreciate music in any form and have a strong interest in history. Played guitar for 6 years as well. that's pretty much it.

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Bilal Lamrabtene

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Marouane Fawzi

Mathematics student with a very unique passion towards progressive & technical music. "Without music, life would be a mistake.”

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Dimme B

Anonyme mélomane.

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Co-founder @vinyleMAG, CTO @NEC_Maroc, computer science engineering, Spotify & Pandora junkie, book & movie amateur, nostalgic, former geek & Cafeine-lover.

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Rim Benhima

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Aissam El Hassani

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