Mashrou’ Leila get their first date with Morocco

The day has finally come. Three years now that Mashrou’ Leila fans have been waiting for a concert of their favorite band to take place in Morocco. Thursday, November 13th, the « Overnight Project » get their very first date in Mohammed V theater, Rabat as part of the first edition of Visa for Music. VinyleMag was there to cover this special event. Technicians are setting the stage, minutes seem longer than usual for the impatient audience. Aaand they’re on stage. Standing ovation. Fans shouting. Haig starts playing « Bahr ». The audience is standing and singing non-stop along with Hamed Sinno, Carl Gerges, Firas Abou Fakher, Ibrahim Badr, and Haig Papazian who are eprforming their most famous songs mainly from their latest album: Ra’asuk. ‘Shimm El Yasmin’, ‘Imm El Jacket’, ‘Ala Babu’, ‘Iskandar Maa’luf’, ‘We nueid’, ‘Im Bililah’, and ‘Taxi’ among others. Hamed Sinno finally calls the crowd to gather around the stage to take the usual band-fans selfie; before ending the show with « Ra’asit Leila ».

Mashrou' Leile selfie

The alternative rock/folk band didn’t escape what now seems to have become a tradition for foreign artists performing in Moroccan festivals: Hamed Sinno, the band’s vocalist, was falsely accused of calling his fans -and I quote- « a bunch of monkeys » according to The rumor was denied soon after the infamous article was released and the band’s manager is considering taking legislative action.

But way before getting to the Mashrou’ Leila part, the spectators were not left unsatisfied. Driss El Maloumi took us on an exquisite journey with his Oud, then gave the stage to N3rdistan who made the buzz with an uncommon mix of classical Arabic poems and electronic tunes. Expect an article devoted to both artists Driss El Maloumi and Walid Benselim, lead singer of N3rdistan. In addition to the three shows, a special tribute was payed to Idir with speeches and testimonials from organizers of Visa for Music.

  We leave you with this live of Mashrou’ Leila, released by Artisthick and shot in Casablanca as part of an upcoming episode of KorsaLive, aired Sunday on 2M TV.

Enjoy! Mellifluously yours.

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