Interview with Seaside : a talented Hungarian

You guys may not know this vey talented Hungarian guy.
No worries! The following interview will allow you to know a lot more about him.

This is a chance for you to discover some unique, dazzling creations.
I’m assuring you, you will leave the planet earth to somewhere magical and mesmerizing. Thus, you should definitely listen to one of his songs, so you can know and understand what kind of talent I’m talking about!

As a huge fan of his music, I’m very glad to present you : « Silence » by Seaside.

First of all , Can you tell us more about the guy behind Seaside ? We want to know more about you.

Well, I’d prefer not to share my full name, But here’s some stuff about me: my first name is Daniel, I’m 19 years old and from Hungary. I’m in the second year of an undergraduate course in pure mathematics, which I love, altough it leaves little time for my musical career sadly. Besides mathematics and music my main hobbies would be wall climbing and reading. As for my music, I write and record everything myself with the exception of drums (I’m not that good a drum player), and so far I’ve also been doing the mixing and mastering of each song.


How and when did you start playing music? And when did « Seaside » Start?

I’ve started playing piano at a very young age, maybe 5 or 6 years old. Writing music came naturally as a byproduct of more and more experimentation with chord progressions and melodies; then in time it developed into something of a self-therapy, a way for me to work through difficult emotions and such (besides just being immensely enjoyable). By this time I’ve also learned to play the guitar and then drums to some extent, and started singing, all of which broadened my horizons as a songwriter. Then in 2013 I felt that it’s time to see what people thought of my music, so I mixed and uploaded some songs to youtube, which is how Seaside started.

Why did you choose « Seaside » as an artistic name? Does it mean something special to you?

There’s really not much of a story behind it. I was looking for a name that was short, easy to memorize and resembles the music I make in some way, and « Seaside » was pretty much the first one coming into my mind that fit these criteria. I’m not sure if it was the best choice – there certainly are more memorable band names out there. But I’ve always been drawn to the sea, and my music does have something in it that reminds me of it, so I suppose it’s not the worst either.

Who are the artists that inspire you the most?

I draw inspiration from many different sources; often there’s a specific aspect of someone’s music that I admire (or envy!). For example I’ve always loved the raw power of At the Drive-In, or the honesty and initimacy of Bon Iver, or the minimalism and experimental nature of James Blake’s music, and these are qualities that I try to bring into my own music, though not all of them can be realized at the same time, I’m afraid.

How can you describe the kind of music you make?

That’s a tough question. I’d say that I try to paint a picture with every song. I enjoy working out the many different layers, like writing small guitar parts or vocal harmonies and watching as a chord progression turns into an atmosphere. As for the genre, that changes with time, currently I’m working on songs of a more electronic nature, but I also have a lot of acoustic material that I’d like to get to.

What’s your favorite song? (or songs, in case it’s hard to choose one)

A few years ago I would have said « Trains » by Porcupine Tree, which is simply musical perfection, and a song that still takes me to places. But by now I’ve come to know so much great music that I couldn’t choose just one song or even ten. I could say with reasonable confidence though that the best song to come out in 2014 is « Parade » by The Antlers.

Your favorite group and artist?

As with the previous question, I couldn’t choose one. I’d say that the bands that had the deepest influence on my music are Nine Inch Nails (mostly when I was younger), Radiohead and Bon Iver. But I could list a lot of favourites: Jeff Buckley, David Bowie and The National, just to name a few. Recently I’ve been listening a lot to Elliott Smith, he’s great as well.

Do you have any plans for the future?

Of course! University takes up most of my energy, but whenever I have time I’m working on an EP (Extented play) which I hope to finish in the next few months and release sometime in the summer. I also have some vague plans about collaborating with other artists in the future; the idea of music made more interactive in some way is deeply appealing to me, and I’d also love to create something audiovisual. But for the time being I’m concentrated on finishing that EP.

(Special thanks to Daniel who accepted the idea of the interview and who was very open and friendly).

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