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Plini: The Prog Prodigy

Plini, 22 years old, Sydney, Australia.
This is all the information that this modern-day Buckethead lets out to the public about himself. This, and the wondrous collection of chefs-d’oeuvre that he creates, which are mostly recorded and mixed in his bedroom, each written in very few days. A one of a kind one-man band.
One of the few underground geniuses -although he’s relatively new to the scene- who still have a rock-solid fanbase that never hesitates to support him and thank him as if he saved their monotonic life and brought something special into it.

His unparalleled play style, sometimes influenced by progressive metal idols « Dream Theater » -playing fragments of a song in another song from another album is so DT-, and the organized messiness in his songs is very Zappa-like.
The ability to create the jolliest progressive melodies that bring about so much happiness to the listener is definitely one of the most peculiar assets of Plini.

In his music you can feel a simple-complex duality; Simple and basic techniques used to play the songs, accompained with complex melodies, time signatures, and tempos, to make perfectly homogeneous sounds.
Plini‘s music is the ultimate proof that you don’t need to shred through the whole song just to make a point. (A musical point, that is)

Plinio Designori was the antagonist in German author Herman Hesse‘s novel « The Glass Bead Game », which Plini‘s mother used to read. Being a character from an outside world, it swayed Plini to choose it for a name to keep his anonymity, for some reason.

So if you’re having a rough day, or are in need of inspiration, let me (with the help of Plini himself) take you to a better place.

1- Heart

Here’s the best example of all that I’ve stated above. The simplicity of the riffs and the sudden switches in the song’s virtual mood overwhelm you. Clean guitar with drop C tuning, a magical staccato solo, the harmony between the instruments, and that recurrent metronome sound that plays from the beginning of the song to its end. All of these components sum up to make a masterpiece that I’m sure you’ll like.

2- Atlas

Plini‘s jazz influences come out high in this one. Chromatic scales and a little bit of carelessness in playing that still makes sense to the musical ear: Jazz.

3- Sweet Nothings (The E.P.)

The 2nd EP by Plini, which had more success than its predecessor « Other Things » -both were written in two days each-. The song « Opening » in a sort defines the general theme of the EP, it sets the mood, the time and the space for the rest of the songs. « Tarred & Feathered » is one of the most beautiful progressive ballads I’ve ever heard. The third song, « Away », has more attack in it, but it keeps the flavour of the previous songs within it. Plini, obviously a fan of american rapper Kendrick Lamar, remixed this song with the latter’s « Poetic Justice ». You can check it out here.

(Bonus) Moonflower

Moonflowers are very beautiful and fragrant. But sometimes the prettiest of flowers grow thorns and hurt you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering and listening to Plini.