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The Heavy : Prepare to swoon, ladies (and gentlemen) !

Sometimes, you just want to listen to some good-ass music. You want to be a self-important prick to your friends when telling them about that new craaaaazy great band that you just discovered and that no one knows about (we all did it, don’t you even try to deny it !). Well, today, I’m giving you the chance to do it again, to blow your friends’ minds and make them worship you like the music deity you are (strghfr stghfr though).

They are young, they are hot, but most importantly, they are extremely talented. Their music makes you either swing or slow dance. The Heavy have what we, poor, talentless (okay, not that talentless), common people call “groove” and this class that is oh so special to British people. Their music is a melting-pot of styles and instruments: They easily move from Blues to Soul, Old Rock and even Funk and Hip Hop. Nothing scares them, musically, and it is a mesmerizing experience for our ears, when all we hear on our national radio is « Safi safi, matzid ta kelma safi » and other bullshit like that (No offense to this kind of music’s fans, though).

The lyrics alone are a work of art, a subtle dark poetry that describes a cursed day to day life, situations we’ve all lived, sensations we’ve all had. They don’t sing about beautiful girls, sex or money, they sing about life, authenticity, and sometimes, this is what we really need.

The Heavy are hardly known in Morocco, but after three successful albums, they made their marks in their country (The UK, home of beautiful landscapes and sexy accents. Dammit, those accents! Sorry, I’m forgetting myself; let’s go back to the music) and in the US. However, people everywhere should enjoy the masterpiece that is their art.

Without further ado, I will let you discover The Heavy with this playlist that I made all by myself (I am so proud.)

The Heavy by Houda Laabadi on Grooveshark